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J. Richard Stevens
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Add NSF Fees to the List of Commercial Banking Reforms

(0) Comments | Posted September 24, 2009 | 3:09 PM

Wednesday, the New York Times published a story announcing that two commercial banks, Chase and Bank of America, were preparing to reduce the fees that occur when a customer's balance becomes negative.

Anyone who runs a month-to-month family budget knows that in recent years many commercial banks have...

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Reporting on 'Lies' and 'Liars' ...

(5) Comments | Posted September 12, 2009 | 2:24 PM

Previously, I posted about the problematic use of the "lies" and "liars" frame to express disagreement with one's political opponents (using the Congressman Wilson outburst Wednesday night as a springboard).

One of my Facebook friends subsequently posted a note referencing an article from Fox News reporting that...

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Considering Lies and Liars ...

(3) Comments | Posted September 11, 2009 | 3:13 PM

Wednesday evening, as I watched the president's speech on health care before a joint gathering of Congress, I was struck by the muted partisanship and rancor coming from both sides of the aisle.

Don't get me wrong, I find it endemic to our national character that so many...

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