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The Wilds Of Patagonia: Taking On The Glaciers Of El Calafate (PHOTOS)

Posted: 05/31/2012 7:00 am

As summer approaches, many might not be thinking about ice-scapes or glaciers -- unless maybe to cool off at the thought of them. We imagine the beach is a more likely dream destination for many in the coming months.

Nevertheless, with a summer of sports and the Olympics round the corner, the Jacada team has been thinking about the more active, exhilarating and adrenaline-spiking tours and destinations we offer for our bespoke, luxury and interest-led trips.

And it just so happens that our senior travel designer George visited Argentina's Glacier Region of El Calafate in April and brought back some thrilling photographs. So cool off on the slideshow below, then give us a call to see how we can satisfy your tastes for adventure.
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  • Sunset across Lake Argentino and the Patagonia Steppe from Eolo Lodge

    The day sets across Lake Argentino and the Patagonia Steppe from <a href="" target="_hplink">Eolo Lodge</a>, which was specifically designed to take in as much of the big surrounding scenery as possible. Looking forward to tomorrow for more majestic views just like this.

  • A Morning's Horse Ride - One way to start the day.

    Day two and a morning's horse riding along the Patagonian Steppe from <a href="" target="_hplink">Eolo </a>is a fantastic way to start the day not to mention a very fitting introduction to authentic estancia life.

  • A Horse with a View

    The panoramas from my steed - gazing over to <a href="" target="_hplink">El Calafate</a> town and the surrounding Steppe.

  • En Route to Estancia Cristina

    The only way to get to <a href="" target="_hplink">Estancia Cristina</a> is by boat where you weave through the icebergs along the glacial channels and is a thrilling and scenic experience in itself.

  • A Hearty Lamb Stew Lunch

    Upon arriving at the <a href="" target="_hplink">Estancia Cristina</a>, an steaming lamb stew greets me as the dish of the day. This is one of the regions most authentic and established ranches in the heart of the wilderness with great food to boot.

  • On the Road to the Upsala Glacier

    The spectacular drive from Estancia Cristina to Upsala Glacier (which the hotel is ideally placed for you to see this) is an adventure in itself with some out-of-this-world scenery. My driver frequently stopped to let me snap away.

  • A Climber's Paradise

    With many mountains in the Argentine Patagonia unclimbed, this region is an explorer's paradise.

  • No One Around

    Compared to the Perito Moreno glacier, my visit to the Upsala Glacier was much more intimate, with just a dozen other guests and our two guides.

  • Greetings Upsala Glacier

    I finally catch a glimpse of the Upsala Glacier. Some see the year on year recession of this glacier as a consequence of global warming, but the spectacle never fails to still humble you. The mountains, glaciers and the shimmering lakes are what bring so many visitors to this part of the world, and is every inch worth the journey.

  • Vast Ice Sheets and a Kaleidoscope of Colours

    The colours never fail to astound you here, and no photography tricks were used in this photo. And what the picture doesn't tell you here is that the glacier is twice as deep below the water as it is above it.

  • Ever Changing Skies

    The weather can be changeable this far south, but it is all part of the fun!

  • Leaving Upsala Behind

    This is the larger Upsala Glacier as viewed from our cruise boat. It was given this name after the Swedish university which sponsored studies in the region.

  • Braving the Upper Deck

    Despite the windy gusts I spent the whole cruise outside taking in the magnificent scenery.

  • Ice Traffic

    Huge chunks of ice were the only traffic during our journey from the Upsala Glacier.

  • Serene Channels

    There is something so serene about the wild glacial channels - for a place where don't see a huge amount of life, it can make you feel hugely alive.

  • Taking on Perito

    Me about to embark on my Big Ice Trek over the glimmering jewel in Patagonia's crown, the Perito Moreno Glacier.

  • The Big One

    Without a doubt, hiking on the glacier is the most exciting way to view it! Its folds, crevasses and fissures can only be appreciated by strapping on some crampons and getting in there with your expert guide.

  • Let's Hike

    The trek started with crossing the lake by boat to the opposite shore followed by a hike along the side of the glacier.

  • Watch Your Step

    Keeping the line so as to steer clear of the crevasses, we made our way into the heart of the glacier.

  • Celebratory Drink

    A truly exhilarating Patagonian experience which was rounded off with a glass of whiskey - no shortage of ice here!

  • When to Go

    I believer April is a great time to visit <a href="" target="_hplink">El Calafate</a> mainly for avoiding the high season crowds and getting sunsets like this all to yourself. <a href="" target="_hplink">Jacada Travel</a>


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