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Jack Davis

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Lessons to be Learned from the Ohio School Shooting

Posted March 1, 2012 | 03/01/12 11:08 PM ET

This week the nation has been grieving the terrible tragedy that has unfolded at Chardon High School just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. 17-year-old high school student T.J. Lane opened fire on a group of students Monday morning, leaving three teenagers hospitalized with serious injuries and three teenagers dead....

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My Accidental Love Affair-Turned-'Aha Moment' with Journalism

4 Comments | Posted January 9, 2012 | 01/09/12 09:35 AM ET

Growing up, most of my friends always knew what they wanted to do when they grew up. I did not. When I was in kindergarten I wrote on a poster that I wanted to be a police officer or a librarian, but after that it was all a little up...

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What I Learned About China and the Environment from Cathay Pacific

Posted October 14, 2011 | 10/14/11 10:25 AM ET

Note: I have previously written on the details of my trip to China through a program I was selected to be a part of, sponsored by Cathay Pacific. Now, I would like to share what I took away from the experience and what is to be learned about...

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Traveling to China with the Cathay Pacific Green Explorers

Posted October 11, 2011 | 10/11/11 11:13 AM ET

This summer I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. It began last May on Twitter when a travel blogger tweeted, "Looking for high school students in LA for trip to China sponsored by Cathay Pacific." Me, a high school student in the LA area with an obsession for travel...

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