02/09/2009 08:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Amazon Kindle 2.0 Launch - Huff Post interview with Steve Kessel

Steve Kessel, SVP of Amazon and right-hand exec to Jeff Bezos, explains the significance of the new Kindle in this interview I conducted at today's launch.

Some key points:

1. Kessel says that 10% of sales of any book that is available in both formats is now going through the Kindle.

2. Kindle customers are buying 2.7 more books than they were before Kindle

3. Publishers can test books on Kindle before spending a dime on publishing in hard copy - Kindle "is a great way for publishers to experiment," according to Kessel

4. Amazon still refuses to give numbers on kindle users or downloads

5. Amazon thought about things "different than a physical book can do" - "a physical book can't read to you." "you can't outbook a book"

Here is the full interview: