Live from the Pepsi Center -- Obama O-Mama!

09/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama exhilarated the audience of 20,000 here in the Pepsi Center with a surprise appearance tonight.

As Joe Biden wrapped his speech accepting the second slot on the ticket, Jill Biden took the microphone and announced that "we have a very special guest" joining on stage.

Barack Obama then burst out of the central stage door. The crowd roared in delight.

Obama declared "now you know why I am so excited to have Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Beau Biden, Mama Biden and the whole Biden family with me on this journey!"

Obama pointed to what he feels is the distinction between the bottom up approach of the D's and the top down framework of the R's.

The D's believe that each and every person can achieve greatness, he said.

Obama gave a shout out to both Hillary and Bill hoping to bridge some of the gap by at least appearing concerned about them.

Obama then gladhanded the VIP's on stage and deftly exited as the Biden clan grew multiplied on stage.

The tradition of sequestering the nominee like some wedding-eve bride is a quaint one and equally as fun to abrogate with a surprise appearance.

Delegates tonight got to see their man up close in a far more intimate setting than Invesco field.

I was imagining what it would have been for Obama to accept the nomination in the Beijing Birds Nest. Now that would be an opening ceremony!