04/22/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Live from Vancouver -SHANI DAVIS Wins Silver!

Here in the Richmond Oval for the Men's Final Speed Skating 1500m

Simon Kuipers of the Netherlands has taken the lead with a time of 1:46:76 putting Hansen the American in 3rd place iwth time of 1:48:45

the Dutch fans are a riot - they bring their own band to speed skating. they are now playing Sweet Caroline. there is a sea of organge throughout the Oval competing with the red of Canada.

Coming up are three American skaters - Trevor Mariscano, Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick.

N Larsen now of Norway just put up a time of 1:46:77 - off the top mark by .01 of a second. ouch.

he is now number two pushing Hansen of USA to 4.

The Russian - Lalenkov - coming in at 1:47:06 - good for third place.

Now Mariscano of the USA is up - at the first split he is +.68 off the top time.

Mo Tae bun of Korea posts 1:46:47 - new number 1

now up - chad Hedrick

Mariscano falls to 7th place.

D. Morrison gave a great effort from Canada but fell short at the end and is now in forth.

Russian Ivan Skobrev takes first place with a time of

3 more pairs..

WOW - pair 17 yielded a new number and number 2 -

1:45:57 from Tuitert ofNED and Bokko of Norway in numer 2

Chad Hedrick - number 5

now final pair....



NED BOKKO 1:45:57

USA DAVIS 1:46:10

NOR BOKKO 1:46:13