Live From Vancouver: Evan Lysacek Wins Gold!

04/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Plushenko gets SILVER!

Daisuke Takahashi of Japan - after an early fall pulls out a great performance for BRONZE


The Swedish skater Adrian SCHULTHEISS was on top previously with an incredible performance to "Insane in the Brain." He skated a flawless run with an incredible array of jumps back to back. He wore a straightjacket-patterened costume. Stark.

The Canadian Vaughn CHIPEUR delivered an almost flawless performance but it did not rise to the level of the swede.

We have quite a few more to go this evening including the American Evan LYSACEK.

T. Kozuka just gave an incredible performance....let's see what he scores....151 points! that puts him in first place. great sequences of jumps...

Denis Ten of Kazakhstan just put up an impressive program and is now in 3rd. He appeared on the scene recently with a blazing force. expect big things here....

Florent Amodio of France just turned in a great performance to the soundtrack of Amelie. THAT was a crowd pleaser. only scored 134 but what an impressive program.

now up - patrick chan of Canada - - crowd goes nuts.

by the way - why don't any of the skaters SMILE?

Patrick CHAN now in first place -

Two americans now coming up!

Evan LYSACEK in a stunning performance earns 167 points putting him in first position.

Some drama with the program of Nobunari ODA of Japan -- his skate laces came undone during the performance and he replaced them in the 3 minute time allotted and went on to finish the program earning him third place overall

Stephane Lambiel just delivered a great program to La Traviata. crowd was happy - the judges? happy enough to put him in second place.

Johny Weir just skated for gold -let's see what happens....disappointment - 5th place...

Plushenko skating - final skater -