Rangel Bash for Cash: Come to My Birthday for Only Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars!

08/03/2010 10:35 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

With the amount of money you have to raise these days to run for political office, it is no wonder that candidates have to use every trick in the book -- including enlisting their loved ones and appropriating their own birthdays to ask for "gifts" for the cause.

People say that politicians seem to age faster and it may be true. It seems every few months Andrei Cherny, who is running for office in Arizona, has a birthday. Now it is his 35th and his wife Stephanie is blasting out emials asking for "gifts" in the form of donations to his campaign. I really want Andrei to win his election, but does he have to use his birthday to drum up support?

btw- Andrei is a bright guy who writes well -- can't he write his own letters?

Eliot Spitzer used to hold infamous big bashes at the ESPN SportsZone in Times Square every birthday. To attend and be part of Eliot's party you had to donate in a big way to the campaign. Is that really the way you want to spend a birthday?

Here is an excerpt from Stephanie's letter about Andrei's big day:

"This Wednesday, August 4, is a special day in the Cherny house -- it's Andrei's 35th birthday! Our son Ben and I will be wishing him a very "Happy Birthday" at home, but I hope you'll help join the celebration. Click here to sign Andrei's online birthday card.

And while you're at it, would you consider giving a birthday "gift" for the occasion? Whether it is $35, $350, or any amount you can afford, your contribution will make his birthday especially meaningful."

Can we at least leave the little son out of it??!!

Stephanie writes that even giving $35 or whatever you can afford "...will make his birthday especially meaningful." Are you kidding? Is that what makes a birthday significant?

Come on Andrei and Stephanie, I know you can do better...


Charlie Rangel also has a birthday coming up and will celebrate it on August 11th at no less a location than the Plaza Hotel in the heart of New York City. Never mind that the Plaza is not in his district. Want to join Charlie and hundreds of his closest friends? Here is the breakdown of the entry tickets:

"Birthday Gala:
Wednesday -- August 11, 2010, 6:00pm - 8:00pm The Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel -- New York City

Hon. Charles E. Schumer, Hon. Kirsten Gillibrand, Hon. David Paterson, Hon. Andrew Cuomo, Hon. Thomas DiNapoli, Hon. Sheldon Silver, Hon. Michael Bloomberg, Hon. Christine Quinn, Hon. John Liu, Hon. Bill de Blasio And Members of the NY Congressional Delegation

Special Performance by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

Patron $1000
Sponsor $2500
Host $5000
Vice Chair $9800
Chair $25,000

THAT'S RIGHT -- TWENTY-FIVE THOUSANDS DOLLARS to celebrate with Charlie as co-chair.

UPDATE - Aretha Franklin will not perform at the event as she had a fall this week and cancelled her appearance. Will Charlie sing in her stead?

I had a birthday this past year as I do most years and I had no co-chairs. I had lots of great friends with me, but no big headline singer. Notes for next year...