Top 5 NY Restaurants You Never Heard Of

05/10/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When you think of dining out in style in NY places like Aureole and Jean Georges might come to mind. But there are some great restaurants not on the Michelin list and not even known to many New Yorkers:

1. Robert at MAD -- The new Museum of Arts and Design, which revitalized the horrid Columbus Circle eyesore, now adds even more zest to the neighborhood with a new penthouse restaurant called Robert. Look out over Central Park and check out the huge video art installation of waving trees. Get there late night Thursday-Saturday for drinks and some very tasty desserts.

2. iCoppi -- on 9th and A -- Tuscan food. Try the minestrone. It's a whole meal.

3. Country at the Carlton -- features a famous chef, but I can hardly find a New Yorker who has been there. Countryside food -- not the heavy, sauce-laden French fare. Great presentation of farm egg appetizer in a glass jar. Try the fish dishes here as well. Make sure to eat downstairs in the more relaxed bistro, not the uptight dining room.

4. Ritz Central Park Star Lobby -- While the Ritz has BLT Market attached to it, go sit right in the lobby and order up a chicken soup. Even your bubby would be amazed.

5. Blue Ribbon Sushi Uptown -- While many of us frequent the Blue Ribbons on Sullivan Street or in Brooklyn, did you know that they quietly opened a great sushi bar and grill across from Columbus Circle?

Let us know if you try any of these out!