05/29/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Advertisers Name Top Performing Emerging Sites and Online Ad Networks

Collective Media, Undertone Networks and ValueClick Media offer advertisers the greatest value for the investment among 40 emerging online websites and ad networks, according to the newly released 8th Annual Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on Online Sites and Sales Organization Attributes. The report is one of three reports issued and available exclusively to corporate underwriters of Jack Myers Media Business Report ( In addition to emerging online sites and sales organizations, reports are available on the online organizations of 41 traditional media companies and 11 online originated websites (including AOL, MSN and Yahoo!). Expanded details on emerging sites are reported in the Subscriber Report e-mail being delivered to Media Business Report corporate underwriters. If you believe you are a corporate underwriter and should be receiving the Subscriber Report, please contact

The almost 200 agency and advertiser respondents to the Myers Survey name Hulu and as leaders for providing Valuable Content. If you are receiving the full Subscriber Report, the top 10 sites delivering the most Valuable Content are identified below. The most Valuable Targeted Audiences among the 40 emerging sites and sales organizations are offered by Facebook and LinkedIn, while Facebook and YouTube are most effective for delivering mass reach. The combination of both mass and targeted audiences makes Facebook compelling for advertisers as it extends its ad offerings. Hulu and Break Media are the leaders for offering innovative opportunities to advertisers while, Hulu, Federated Media and Babelgum are considered the most exceptional early stage companies. Collective Media, Undertone Networks, Hulu and Burst Media are recognized as the highest quality sales organizations among the 40 emerging sites.

Sites and sales organizations included in the survey were: Associated Content,, BabyCenter, Babelgum,, BlogHer, Break Media, Broadband Enterprises, Burst Media, Collective Media, ContextWeb, CPX Interactive, Demand Media, Facebook, Federated Media, Glam Media,, Huffington Post, Hulu, IGA Worldwide, IGN Entertainment, LinkedIn, Metacafe,, Next New Networks, The Rubicon Project, ScanScout, Terra Networks USA, TitleTV, Twitter, Travel Ad Network, Tremor Media, Undertone Networks, ValueClick Media, Vevo, Vibrant Media, Worldwide Biggies, YouTube, and YuMe.

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