05/17/2010 09:00 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

As Market Recovers, Media and Advertising Companies Confront Organizational Restructuring

Organizational Restructuring is one of the Top Ten Issues Confronting Media, Agencies and Advertisers identified by Jack Myers Media Business Report as part of our ongoing research among industry executives. Few medium to large-sized companies are immune from the technology-led convergence of marketing services. Some of the looming restructuring issues are obvious, such as the overlap of media buying responsibilities at traditional and digital media agencies being created by traditional television content extensions across multiple digital screens. Others are less apparent and more complex. This week's Members-Only Media Business Report focuses on two of the issues confronting media and advertising-dependent companies: Organizational Restructuring and Globalization. Jack Myers Members can access an overview of four other Issues at Jack Myers Media Business Report.

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