06/07/2010 09:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Final Chapter: Top Ten Issues Confronting Marketers, Agencies and Media Companies

Today's Report focuses on talent and where the next generation of media and advertising management will come from. While digital media have attracted a pool of young people into the media and advertising business, few of them have any grounding in our rich history or economic realities. Many have little interest in traditional television and print media, which continue to dominate the day-to-day world of advertising. In this final chapter of my four-part series on the Top Ten Issues Confronting Marketers, Agencies and Media Companies in the Next Decade, I focus on perhaps the most critical, Where is Our Industry's Management Coming From? Bill Koenigsberg, founder and CEO of Horizon Media and Chairman of the Media Policy Board for the American Association of Advertising Agencies, points out that "over the past two years a lot of momentum was lost when thousands of jobs were cut in the advertising and media business. It's difficult to hold a banner up when companies have hiring freezes. Now that companies are starting to hire again, there's an opportunity to bring young, motivated and passionate people into the industry. That's one of our most important opportunities." Equally, if not even more important, is preparing our current executive pool -- those who have five to forty years remaining in their careers -- to deal with the extraordinary challenges and prepare for the opportunities ahead. There are some surprising statistical insights into why the new wave of personnel will accelerate the growth of digital media. Subscribers can download this week's full report and the full four-part series at Non-subscribers have access to the synopsis and overview at

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