06/01/2010 10:15 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Part 3: Top Ten Issues Confronting Media, Agencies & Advertisers

The In-Store Media Battleground, Hyper-Localism and Cause Marketing take center stage in this week's chapter on the top ten issues confronting media, agencies and advertisers for the next decade. In my two previous reports on this topic I covered the first six issues, which subscribers can read at (Top Ten Issues Confronting Media, Agencies & Advertisers - Parts 1 & 2) and non-subscribers can review highlights of at As brand managers and chief marketing executives at major advertisers consolidate their marketing budgets and move toward integration of sales marketing budgets with advertising investments, they are actively seeking opportunities to influence their relationships with retailers, distributors and employees through their media advertising investments. Over the next several years, advertising budgets that were once exclusively invested in traditional media will be redeployed into in-store media, cause marketing programs and hyper-local retail connections. In this week's Members-Only Report, I share insights on the in-store media battleground, the emerging hyper-local media marketplace and emotionally resonant cause related marketing. In next week's report, I focus on the issue of where the advertising, marketing and media management of the next decade is coming from, with an exclusive interview with Horizon Media CEO and new 4A's media policy committee chairman Bill Koenigsberg.

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