02/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Final Jack Myers Media Business Report. It's Time to Get Into the Game.

This is your final Jack Myers Media Business Report commentary. Rather than widely dispensing my ideas, economic insights and research studies, I will be immersing myself in consulting, business advice and board member roles for a few select companies that can benefit from my vision, leadership and assets as well as my relationships and experience. These next years will be the most transformative – and opportune -- any of us will experience in our careers. So rather than analyzing and commenting from the press box, I'm again getting into the game.

I will work with my clients to:

· help them identify and implement strategies for outperforming the market during this dangerous period;

· assist them in the development of innovative revenue models;

· advise them on restructuring sales and marketing strategies and organizations to best capitalize on emerging growth opportunities.

The commentaries of industry thought-leaders including Shelly Palmer, Jory Des Jardins and Ed Martin will continue to be available via our daily e-mails and at and Myers Publishing is launching as a destination for advertising executives seeking up-to-the-minute news and information about the media industry. My media business commentaries, my Advertising and Marketing Economic Forecasts and the Advertising Sales Organization Performance Research that launched my business 25-years ago will now be available exclusively to my personal clients. I will continue to blog regularly at and The Huffington Post.

I'm excited by the potential for a transformative change-for-the-better heralded by both the Obama presidency and by the great financial leveling inherent in the global economic recession. But our industry is faced with an advertising depression, a rapid acceleration of media fragmentation, and audience shifts to non ad-supported media. Most companies and executives have progressed beyond the point when the need for "change" is questioned. Yet, many remain locked into traditional paradigms. Corporate powers at most traditional and emerging media companies, agencies and marketers maintain organizational structures designed decades ago. Companies must invest -- aggressively, intelligently and with coherent vision -- in value-based growth brands that are differentiated, relevant to marketers and economically sound for investors.

In this context, my primary focus will be on:

1. enhancing the value of strong media brands;

2. facilitating integration of advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, event marketing, cause-related and public affairs budgets;

3. identifying monetization strategies for multi-platform, social communities, user generated content, interactive television and commercial-avoidance technologies;

4. expanding commitments to advertiser-funded content, performance-based media, enhanced analytics, and emotional connections research.

I believe in the value and importance of media to the economic, social, cultural, political and institutional fiber of our nation and global society. I believe that the continued health of the media and advertising business is critically important to the global economy. As we move through these challenging times, my goal is to offer leadership and practical guidance to assure that my clients successfully navigate the transformative years ahead and that our media industry remains vital and vibrant. I'm grateful for your support through the years and I am looking forward to working with several of you as we build bridges to an era of renewed media industry growth.

I can be contacted directly at Myers Media Services LLC, (212)875-8002 or For more information, visit

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