The Obama Campaign's Only Fear is Fear Itself

11/27/2008 04:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Jack Myers Chairman & Media Ecologist, MyersBizNet

The only threat to the Obama campaign in the next week is the festering threat that Americans will take to the streets and riot if McCain wins. I forecast a relatively fraud-free election and a sweeping victory for both Barack Obama and Democratic candidates across America. Although I supported Hillary Clinton in the primary, I predicted during the Convention that Obama would defeat McCain with at least 52% of the vote (and probably 53%) to McCain's 46%. I anticipate Obama will capture more than 300 electoral votes and win as many as 38 states.

We have reason to believe that such a landslide victory is at hand but we are also realistic. It has been stolen before, but these were very tight races following poorly run Democratic campaigns in 2004 and 2000. Early voting had called attention to potential problems in West Virginia, Florida and Ohio, but the immediate response of the press was a warning to perpetrators. This time you will be uncovered. While some may try to obstruct the votes of Democratic-leaning segments of society, hundreds of thousands of poll watchers are on hand outside polling places. The Democratic National Committee has lawyers standing at the ready in contested states.

The prospect of a McCain upset has become progressively more untenable among Obama supporters. But news reports on the threat of riots in the event of an Obama loss are fear-mongering -- intended to provoke memories of race riots in the 1960s and 1990s. There is no comparison.

In the unlikely case Sarah Palin becomes one heart beat away from the Presidency there will be demonstrations, but they will not be race related. Millions will march on Washington -- people of all colors, creeds and beliefs. Not because of rebellion but because of popular uproar, Americans will force an aggressively liberal mandate on Congress and John McCain will be unable to exert any control over government.

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