06/19/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Yahoo! Ranks First Among Top 50 Online Media Advertising Values

Yahoo! is ranked first by advertiser and agency executives for Value for the Investment in the 2010 Myers Survey of Advertising Executives on Online Website and Sales Organization Attributes. The full report is available to subscribers to Jack Myers Media Business Report and the top 50 online media advertising values are reported in today's full report distributed to subscribers. The survey was conducted in the fourth quarter, 2009. Myers asked decision-makers and influencers at the top national and regional online advertisers and at all agencies that actively buy and/or plan online media to identify the top attributes, from among seven identified, for ninety websites and sales organizations.

The top ten sites and sales organizations identified as delivering the greatest value for the investment are:

TOP 10 Online Sites and Sales Organizations

Value for the Investment

1. Yahoo

2. Google

3. Aol advertising

4. 24/7 Real Media

5. Collective Media

6. Microsoft Advertising

7. Undertone Networks

8. ValueClick Media


10. Burst Media

The top ranked traditional media company sites for value in the Myers Survey were CBS Interactive, and NBC Universal Digital Media. The top ranked site based in traditional print media was For information on the full list of the Top 50 Online Media Advertising Values and the rankings of all 92 sites and sales organizations included in the study for all seven attributes, contact Jack Myers at or visit

The seven attributes included in the study are:

  • Quality Sales Organization
  • Value for the Investment
  • Valuable Content
  • Valuable Targeted Audiences
  • Mass Audience Reach
  • Valuable Early Stage Company
  • Offers Innovative Opportunities

Use of the above information for marketing, promotional or sales use is restricted to corporate subscribers to Jack Myers Media Business Report, who receive the expanded full version of this report. Detailed methodology information is available upon request to subscribers.

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