A Mother's Rage Is a Standard Lifetime Movie With a Twist

04/05/2013 05:07 pm 17:07:34 | Updated Jun 05, 2013

A Mother's Rage is a typical Lifetime original movie but with a twist. Lori Loughlin stars in this dramatic film which concerns how far a mother will go to protect her daughter. It is a different type of role for Loughlin as her character becomes fiercely violent to protect her daughter from real and imagined threats.

The film starts with Rebecca Mayer (Loughlin) driving her seventeen year old daughter Connor (Jordan Hinson) to college. Along the way Rebecca becomes suspicious of a stranger at a gas station she thinks is hitting on her daughter. Later she is alarmed to find out the man is following them. At this point all of her protective instincts kick in and she finds she will do whatever is necessary to keep her daughter safe.

All of this takes place in the first fifteen minutes of the film, and then a twist kicks in that leads the story off into a new direction entirely. It is not what the audience expects and it leads to a much more suspenseful story. There are coincidences on top of coincidences before the plot runs its course; some of them are believable and some of them are not.

Lori Loughlin is best known for her role of "Aunt Becky" in "Full House." She was also seen in the TV series "Summerland" and "90210". As Rebecca Mayer she manages to show aspects of her talent that have never before been seen. This is a highly dramatic role and she plays it adequately for the most part. There are some scenes that don't ring true but they are only a few.

Also in the cast is Ted McGinley who is best remembered from the TV series "Married With Children." Like Loughlin he is playing against type as his role is that of an overweight, grizzled short order cook. He is barely recognizable.

If you like suspenseful melodramas then you might want to tune on for this one. It will certainly hold your attention. Of course it will also leave you thinking that everybody in the world is crazy. The assorted men Rebecca encounters certainly are.

Lori Loughlin has long been a favorite of mine and this movie gives her a chance to portray a character unlike any she has played before. The movie is a good showcase for her even though the plot and the people in the story go a little bit over the top from time to time.

A Mother's Rage airs Saturday, April 6 at 8PM on the Lifetime Channel.