11/01/2011 05:33 pm ET | Updated Jan 01, 2012

Covert Affairs and Burn Notice : They're Back!

They're baaaaack! Yes the USA Network is bringing two of its most popular shows back to go head to head against network programming. Covert Affairs and Burn Notice have a huge fan base and they are going to be giving the mainstream shows a run for their money.

In the first episode of Covert Affairs we pick up right where the storyline left us. Annie (Piper Perabo) has come clean about her CIA work to her sister Danielle (Anne Dudek). She has hoped her sister would understand and they could move forward, but instead Danielle kicks Annie out of her apartment and tells her to find somewhere else to live.

We also see some tension between Annie and her boss Joan (Kari Matchett). Annie feels Joan has lost confidence in her, but Joan denies it. She tells Annie to relax and not dwell on any past errors. Her best friend at the agency, Augie (Christopher Gorham) tells her the same thing. Meanwhile co-worker Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) plots how he can gain more power at the agency.

For the show to maintain its success Annie needs to have some more rendezvous with her old boyfriend Ben Mercer (Eion Bailey), or they need to pair her with someone just as popular with the audiences. They also need to give Augie more to do as fans of the show love it when Augie takes center stage.

There are also requirements for this season of Burn Notice. Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) needs to be more romantic with his girlfriend Fi (Gabrielle Anwar). This season a lot of Michael's dangerous actions are motivated by his love for Fiona. Well don't just talk about it, Michael. Show us!

Also the show needs to give Michael's mother Maddie (Sharon Gless) a more major role in all the activities. One of the highlights of last year was when Maddie and a friend of hers, played by Tyne Daley, joined in the adventure. But even without Daly, Gless is the show's secret weapon and a character everybody loves. Use her more.

Having said that it should be noted that Burn Notice has one of the best ensemble casts around and the show uses all of the characters separately and together to their best advantage. When the entire cast is involved in a caper the show is first rate.

Don't let these two shows get lost in the shuffle just because they are playing during prime time. Covert Affairs is a fast paced, highly enjoyable trip into the world of CIA espionage. Burn Notice is a combination of romance, humor and drama that pleases week after week.

So celebrate the fact these two top quality USA Network shows are back. Covert Affairs airs Mondays at 10 p.m. while Burn Notice is on at 10 p.m. on Thursday nights. Don't miss either of them.