06/07/2010 01:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Get Him To the Greek : Get Me To An Exit

If you are going to pay your hard earned money for a ticket and go see the new film Get Him To the Greek then you had better be a die-hard Russell Brand fan. Better yet you better think every single syllable that comes out of his lips is profound and hilarious. You better like his profanity laced character in the film as well as all the drug references one movie can cram into itself. If you don't like, love, idolize Russell Brand then you will be bored out of your head at this movie.

Remember the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall? In that mediocre movie Brand was one of the highlights as Aldous Snow, a boozy, druggy British rock star. The point is his role was brief and he left you wanting more -- but not this much.

In this new film Aaron Green (Jonas Hill) works for a record company headed up by a guy named Sergio (Sean Combs). Sergio, acting on Aaron's suggestion, decides a performance by Snow at the Greek Theater would be a moneymaker. It has been ten years since Snow last played there and some of his rabid fans will support a comeback. Green is dispatched to London to bring him back. This is easier said than done since Snow is a self-centered boozer and drug user.

The movie centers around Aaron's efforts to get him to LA on time for the concert. Along the way there is a stop in New York so he can do the "Today Show." Meredith Vierra is the one who interviews him and why she agreed to this cameo is beyond understanding.

There are some really talented actors in this Judd Apatow Production. Elizabeth Moss plays Aarons girlfriend Daphne, Rose Byrne is Snow's ex-girlfriend Jackie and Colm Meany plays Snow's father. They each try to carve out a valid characterization but have such little screen time they are defeated before they start.

Although there is an abundance of crude humor and profanity, there could be some understanding if any of it was funny. Sadly there are no clever lines, no hilarious physical comedy, and no valid attempt at humor in any way. Jonah Hill has been funny in the past and will undoubtedly be funny again but he doesn't show a lick of comic talent in this film.

The film is rated R for sexual situations, nudity and profanity.

Brand's alternate persona Aldous Snow is similar to Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat. They are both obnoxious and unlikable without being aware of it. They just plow their way through life taking advantage of others and being none the wiser for it. If that is your idea of humor than this is the movie for you. For all others this is a miserable filmgoing experience.

I scored Get Him To the Greek an accompanied 3 out of 10.

Jackie K. Cooper