04/18/2011 09:54 pm ET | Updated Jun 18, 2011

Jericho Cay Is a Low Country Mystery

Kathryn R Wall has made a career off writing mysteries that feature private investigator Bay Tanner. Over the course of this series readers have come to know and love this character who is an intrepid woman, smart but flawed. She sometimes leads with her heart instead of her head and this gets her into trouble, but each and every time she manages to make it all right again.

Jericho Cay is the title of her latest adventure and in this novel Bay is back doing what Bay does best, and that is investigating a possible crime. She has a new client, writer Winston Wolfe, who wants her to investigate the disappearance of eccentric millionaire Morgan Tyler Bell. He owned a mansion located on the island of Jericho Cay which is off the shore of Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Bay takes the case and gets her partner Erik involved, along with his girlfriend Stephanie and Bay's husband Red. This foursome becomes a cohesive unit as they take on different tasks in order to solve the mystery of Bell's disappearance.

As the case moves forward it becomes apparent there is more to Mr. Wolfe than meets the eye. He is almost hysterical with fear at one moment and cagey and secretive at others. He seems to want Mr. Bell's mystery solved but then operates in ways that sets back the investigation.

Meanwhile Bay has some other issues with which she must deal. She and her husband Red are still having some problems in their marriage. Bay was married to Red's brother but he was killed when a bomb exploded on his plane. Bay honestly doesn't know if she married Red because he reminds her of his brother or if she loves him for himself alone.

She also worries about her half-sister Julia. Julia has problems that have stunted her emotional development. Although she is a mature adult she is child-like in her actions. She is receiving psychiatric counseling but there are things that happen which push her back each time she takes a step forward.

Wall has carefully brought these characters forward through each of the novels in the series. If you have read them all then you have an easy identification of who they are and what their circumstances are. Still it is to Wall's credit that each book stands alone and full enjoyment can be had even if it is the first time you are meeting Bay, her family and her associates.

Jericho Cay is Wall at her best. She knows Bay Tanner inside out and makes her a total character, warts and all. She also knows the low country where the book is localed. This combination of person and place works perfectly and provides the reader with a delectable reading experience.

If you are in the mood for a mystery which will take you away from your problems for a while, open the pages of Jericho Cay and let Kathryn R. Wall work her magic. With the warmth of the low country sun and the chills of a suspenseful mystery, you couldn't spend your time in a better place.

Jericho Cay is published by St Martin's press. It contains 309 pages and sells for $24.99.