05/31/2011 02:49 pm ET | Updated Jul 31, 2011

Men of a Certain Age Is Aging Well

Men of a Certain Age is getting better with age as it enters its third season on TNT. This series about three middle aged men is the brainchild of Ray Romano and Mike Royce. It started off a little slowly but has gradually found its audience. Romano is the main draw to the series and those who loved Everybody Loves Raymond were dying to see him in something new on TV. They got it in Men of a Certain Age.

Romano plays Joe, a divorced father of two who owns a party supply shop. He is also an avid golfer and aspires to join the Seniors Tour. His two best friends are Owen (Andre Braugher) and Terry (Scott Bakula). Owen runs his father's car dealership and Terry works for Owen as a salesman. Owen is married with children whereas Terry is single.

The enjoyment of the show comes from the everyday occurrences in these three men's lives. Joe is awkwardly moving into the dating scene but is still supportive of his ex-wife (Penelope Ann Miller). She cheated on him but he has accepted this and is ready to move on. Owen is trying to move out from under his father's shadow. His loving wife (Lisa Gaye Hamilton) is trying to start a writing career of her own.

Terry is the one with the most complex life. He is approaching fifty and has nothing to show for it. Most of his adult life was spent as an aspiring actor. When he finally accepted that was not going to work out he got the job as a car salesman with Owen. He still hasn't grown up and is generally late for work and never wears the mandatory tie. He now wants a true relationship other than just casual flings but he can't seem to find the right woman.

Romano, Braugher and Bakula are excellent as these three men. They make each man understandable and relatable. Braugher is probably the best actor in the group but Romano and Bakula are not far behind. In the first season the lives of these three men were just too mundane but a familiarity with the characters has grown over the past two seasons and now that mundaneness is enjoyable in its own way. Plus the subtle comedy in the relationships has grown, blending in with the drama of living.

If you haven't started watching Men of a Certain Age then this is the season to give it a try. You will find yourself enjoying the tales of these three friends as they stumble into middle age. It is warm, honest and humorous.

Men of a Certain Age premieres on June 1 at 10PM on TNT.