09/01/2010 02:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Perfect Alibi : An Almost Perfect Mystery For Siegel Fans

Sheldon Siegel is back with another novel featuring his continuing characters Mike Daley and Rosie Fernandez, and this time it's personal. In this, the seventh installment of the Daley/Fernandez stories, the boyfriend of Mike and Rosie's sixteen year old daughter Grace is accused of murder. Grace is his "perfect alibi."

Mike and Rosie have never been your typical couple. They were married, had Grace, formed a law partnership, had a falling out and kept the partnership but not the marriage. Later they became romantically involved again and a son Tommy was the result. The "affair" did not result in re-marriage.

At the time of this new book Mike and Rosie are still practicing law together. Rosie, Grace, Tommy and Rosie's mother live over the law office while Mike has an apartment a few blocks away. When Grace's boyfriend Bobby is charged with murdering his father, Mike and Rosie take his case against their better judgment. They are afraid their personal involvement through Grace might impair their abilities to give him the best defense. Still Bobby begs them to take the case as does his mother.

The case is an involved one and has more twists and turns than you can imagine. Grace's involvement overshadows everything and at times her parents think she might be lying to save Bobby. If she is lying then she could be in almost as much trouble as Bobby. It also doesn't help that the District Attorney sees this case as a way to gain favorable publicity for herself and her future political plans.

The basic murder plot is the key element of the book and is a solid one. It is written with superior skill and understanding. Mike and Rosie do hard work in order to try to save Bobby. They also go into overdrive to try and save Grace from any mistakes. Permeating Mike's thoughts at every turn is his fear that he and Rosie's problems have adversely impacted their daughter. It is easy for any parent to have guilt and a case and situation such as Mike and Rosie find themselves in just magnifies it.

Perfect Alibi is a book full of suspense and drama. Bobby is an eighteen year old young man accused of killing his father who was a judge. He swears he didn't do it but the only person who can back him up is Grace and her testimony gets a little shaky at times. Mike and Rosie owe an allegiance to their client but they know when it comes down to basics they will do anything and everything to protect their daughter.

It has been over two years since the last "Mike Daley" book Judgment Day was released in May of 2008. That is much too long for Siegel's fans to accept. When the writer is this good and the stories this involved we need a story a year at least.

Sheldon Siegel is a practicing attorney and the married father of twin sons. He knows the law and he knows the inner workings of a family. This knowledge has given him great insight in the writing of Perfect Alibi, which for Siegel fans is his almost perfect book.

This is Siegel's most emotional story yet. All of his books challenge the readers brains but this story also challenges their hearts. Humanizing the hero is a good move on Siegel's part and in this book he does it through and through.

Perfect Alibi is published by Macadam Cage. It contains 400 pages and sells for $26.00.