04/17/2010 04:37 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Former Publisher of William F. Buckley's National Review Backs Obama

Wick Allison, founder and editor in chief of D Magazine in Dallas, has written a short essay in support of Barack Obama's candidacy.

D is a slick monthly featuring a mélange of ads, reviews and occasional in-depth articles. As for Allison, he's a life-long conservative, and he starkly lays out his bona fides in the piece. They're impressive. Suffice to say, anointment by the late Bill Buckley lasts a lifetime.

In brief, Allison thinks the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and '03 -- which John McCain promises to expand -- were "a solution for which there was no real problem." He thinks they were downright egregious once the nation went to war. He also believes that McCain's bellicosity about how it's America's job to defeat evil is a "theological expansion of the nation's mission that would make George Washington cough out his wooden teeth."

Taunting Russia at a time we need them as an ally, and impulsively considering another war regardless of whether or not America's interests are directly threatened, are two more reasons the Republican Allison has broken with his political party.

He finds Obama "a thoughtful, pragmatic, and prudent man," someone who will "be a realist" and who has "actually read the Federalist Papers."

Who knows, maybe Allison is just bucking for an Ambassadorship in the British Virgin Islands. There's more than one road to Damascus.

Seriously though, his thoughts appear genuine. Here's hoping others on the Right see the same bright light.