06/19/2008 11:03 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Why Giuliani Is The Perfect Choice To Defend McCain's Views

There's a debate over whether or not it's wise to have Rudy Giuliani as John McCain's campaign surrogate on matters of terrorism and homeland security. Obviously McCain thinks so, but last September he didn't sound so sure:

"I think the nation respects the mayor's leadership after 9/11, and I do, too....{But} I don't think it translates, necessarily, into foreign policy or national security expertise. I know of nothing in his background that indicates that he has any experience in it, him or Romney."

That's funny, of course, but Rudy is actually the right fit to defend the Bush/McCain philosophy and worldview on this subject. He has quite a track record.

It was Rudy, after all, who pawned his pal Bernie Kerik off on a gullible George Bush as eminently qualified to head Homeland Security when the department was first created in '04. Unfortunately, the Kerik nomination blew up in short order amid charges that Bernie was a first-class sleazoid and crook.

More important, and often overlooked, is that Rudy's presidential campaign actually signed up Joe Allbaugh as its senior adviser on "general strategy and homeland security" in '07.

This would be the same Joe Allbaugh who worked on the Bush campaign for governor in Texas and who then became head of FEMA -- with zero emergency management experience -- when Bush won the White House. Allbaugh then hired his own pal with even less experience, "Heck of a job, Brownie," as FEMA's #2 and made sure Brownie succeeded him in January '03 and was thus in charge (as it were) when hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

Speaking of Joe, the reason he left FEMA after less than two years on the job was to cash in as an Iraq War profiteer. He set up a company -- based solely on his personal Bush ties -- to facilitate business deals in Iraq for all those who wanted to get their hands on the taxpayer money that funds this mess, now pushing a trillion dollars.

Joe did well by it. In '05, after just two years working the Iraq beat, he was able to parlay his access to power into the purchase of a lavish home, listed on the tax rolls in Texas at $2 million. Presidential candidate Giuliani clearly felt that Allbaugh's stellar résumé qualified him as some sort of expert on protecting America.

So you see, there's a perfect symmetry to Rudy being named point man on homeland security for Republican nominee McCain. He's got executive experience. He's done the hiring and firing and recommending (Bernie and Joe). The American people appreciate his keen analytical skill......

Except in places like Florida, it seems, where the mayor staked his entire campaign for president and died on the vine. Right, Rudy?