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Jacob Heilbrunn

Jacob Heilbrunn

Posted: October 21, 2008 10:54 AM

Dick Cheney Endorses Barack Obama

In the latest example of conservatives flocking to the Obama camp, vice-president Dick Cheney emerged from his secret bunker this morning to announce that he, too, is supporting Barack Obama for president. A pensive Cheney said that, like Colin Powell, Christopher Buckley, Kenneth Adelman, and numerous other conservatives, he had reluctantly concluded that Obama would safeguard American interests better than Obama. "I supported the surge in Iraq," Cheney said, "and now I'm supporting, if you will, the one for Obama." Cheney's home at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC now sports an "Obama for President" sign on the front lawn. In Jackson Hole, vacationing oil executives said there was something "really fishy" about the endorsement.

Indeed, rIght-wing websites and talk radio shows are in an uproar with tens of thousands of bloggers and callers demanding that Cheney be purged from the administration in its final weeks. Meanwhile, John McCain has been seizing on Cheney's defection to show that he never really had anything in common with the Bush administration. "My friends," he said, "this is the simply the latest example of where I and the Bush administration part ways." According to sources close to the McCain camp, Sarah Palin will further accentuate the differences between the two by delivering a speech later this afternoon depicting Bush and Cheney as dangerous socialists intent on nationalizing much of the American economy. Passages leaked to the Huffington Post indicate that Palin will argue, "if you want four more years, then vote for Obama-Bush."