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A World of Two Halves and a Single Bridge

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We are used to living in a world of two halves joined by a single bridge. Social scientists have elaborated the theory needed to build the single, old-fashioned bridge. They continue to improve their theories based on history, wondering if they would work in the construction of future bridges. There have not been any new designs in decades. Social scientists are like the mathematicians and the physicists that defined the theory used by civil engineers to build bridges.

We are in desperate need of new bridges that will unite the North and the South, bridges that can be used to share and to move ahead, bridges that can be used to reduce the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, to lessen the burden of poverty, to build today, once and for all, the skeleton of a much-needed reform that will allow the society of the twenty-first century to mature in the direction dictated by the History of Tomorrow.

Here is the proposal for a second bridge. More proposals will likely emerge. But apart from the final outcome of the present exercise, independent from whether or not these ideas are implemented in coming years, this effort could start an unstoppable trend of a myriad of plans, an unstoppable desire to look at the challenges of today through a different lens.

I call on the dreamers of today. I call on those who once dreamed of a better world and did not abandon their hope. The train is approaching. Make sure to walk to the train station and get on the train reserved only for dreamers. I sampled the world and found a group of dreamers willing to move ahead. I trust their courage. It is a train of no return. It is a train that departs a journey of 40 years that takes us to the World of 2050. It is a train that starts the History of Tomorrow.

Once upon a time, in my dreams, I took a train that took me to a world of no hunger, to a world of no disease, to a world of cornucopia. Once upon a time, in my dreams I reached Dreamland, the land of the world government, where citizens were united, where race and religion did not matter. I now have a mandate. To always move forward, to never give up, to start the course of this journey, to open new thinking and help today's society move ahead, to reach the era of global understanding. There will never be an end to civilization, there will never be a flat world, but with our determination we can construct a better world that does not forsake the worse off, a world that grants everybody social protection, no matter where they live, a social protection.

Welcome to the era of global redistribution, of global public goods, of a universal welfare state that grants the extreme poor a free, basic education and health care and helps them earn the skills tomorrow's society will need to continue and perpetuate the survival of our race, a race that will prevail.

I know no more than it is time to start the journey. I know no more than it is time to acknowledge we are not superior to any other nation or nationality. The developed world ought to reform as much as the developing world ought to reform. The developed world does not deserve the overwhelming majority it owns in the international institutions.

The ability to dream becomes the core asset in a world in desperate need of creative policy making. The traditional approach has proven ineffective when it comes to poverty reduction and eradication. In a changing world the role of supranational institutions becomes essential when it comes to setting up a new international agenda that promotes the paradigm of a new capitalism based on integrity and fairness.

The role of social democracy is at the core of the European Union and the welfare state. Universal provision of basic health care, education, water and sanitation becomes a right for those who live within the boundaries of the European Union. Europe's approach to universal access to public services has become the de-facto approach of modern society and those who lag behind will become eternal followers of a paradigm proven to foster stability and reduce inequality.

It is time for Europe to step forward to the reality of an increasingly unequal world. Only a few dreamers would have imagined a united Europe one hundred years ago. It is time for the dreamers of today to build the structure of the society of tomorrow, a society with more opportunity and understanding, a society with world institutions able to deliver universal health care and education to the newborns of the century, a society where global redistribution mechanisms are implemented for the sake of the less fortunate.

The Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations will not be accomplished unless an anomaly emerges. A Marshall Plan for Africa could be the decisive move to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals and beyond. A new world of opportunity arises if today's technocrats create the architecture of tomorrow's society. The European Union has the obligation to step forward and lead the initiative, as the United States did in times of past horror that once were and shall never be.

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