The Chief Dreamer

In today's environment a paradigm shift is feasible if we raise the awareness of the citizens of Europe and North America, whose leaders have driven capitalism to a point of no-return; where the myriad of bail-outs and stimuli have only postponed a well-needed and deserved reform of other non-financial components of the reform agenda.

We have constrained the reform agenda to one of the six components of the Axis of feeble: the financial sphere -- a good and necessary beginning that is not sufficient to drive the world to the path of sustainable growth and prosperity.

A paradigm shift is feasible if we dream and lead a change. We are in desperate need of a Chief Dreamer able to transmit a forward-looking vision that enables North and South, developed and developing countries to get on the same page and start writing the History of Tomorrow. What are the requirements to become the Chief Dreamer? Jonathan Swift wrote A Modest Proposal in 1729 and divided readers into three classes:

"Readers may be divided into three classes: the superficial, the ignorant and the learned, and I have with much felicity fitted my pen to the genius and advantage of each. The superficial reader will be strangely provoked to laughter, which clears the breast and the lungs, is sovereign against the spleen, and the most innocent of all diuretics. The ignorant reader (between whom and the former the distinction is extremely nice) will find himself disposed to stare, which is an admirable remedy for ill eyes, serves to raise and enliven the spirits, and wonderfully helps perspiration. But the reader truly learned, chiefly for whose benefit I wake when others sleep, and sleep when others wake, will here find sufficient matter to employ his speculations for the rest of his life."

The Chief Dreamer must remain awake while others sleep, must work in the interest of the developing world and propose forward looking ideas that are realistic so that the reader finds sufficient matter to employ his or her speculations for the rest of her life. The Chief Dreamer must be a twenty-first century Jules Verne that conquers through persuasion and not imposition. The Chief Dreamer must combine the qualities of Jean Monnet and George Kennan and be determined to defend the priorities of the vulnerable. The Chief Dreamer must be multilingual to address a variety of audiences in different geographies and must be multidisciplinary to understand the complex roots that drive today's increasing inequality gap and inequality.

The Chief Dreamer must surround him or herself by the most talented team of expert dreamers that have served the global public interest. The Chief Dreamer must be able to identify the expert dreamers from the expert non-dreamers. The Chief Dreamer must be energetic and enthusiastic, must say why not instead of why, and shall never give up to defeat the opposition forces that defend the non-reform ageda, the opposition forces that replicate the Soviet Union's Cominterm, that oppose the expansion of loving capitalism. The Chief Dreamer must identify who belongs in the opposition forces, who is reluctant to embrace a paradigm shift, in order to persuade and conquer the hearts and minds of the orthodox, and be ready to defeat the pirates of heartless capitalism that are not ready to acknowledge the urgency of our time.

The Chief Dreamer must be loving and understanding, must prioritize the human dignity and the environmental sustainability and be able to persuade the political and economic elites to embrace a paradigm shift that puts developed and developing countries on the same page, page one of the History of Tomorrow.

It is time to move ahead once and for all. It is time to start a wonderful creative process that accelerates trends in order to become a catalyst of global accomplishments. Let's imagine a better world we always dreamt with. Let's get to work and accomplish in forty years what many thought would happen in two centuries. Let's drive today's society to the World of 2050, a world of global public goods and a global currency, a world without diplomacy or borders, where every human being can access health care and education, where every newborn can start living the World Dream.

The Glorious Forty are around the corner and I have decided to get on the Journey of our Lifetime, where only dreamers are welcome.

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