Jindal's Volcanic Reflux

05/17/2010 09:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

With the midterms fast approaching it is important to remember what exactly the Republican party means by fiscal discipline. After the last State of the Union address Republican's criticized Democratic spending as wasteful because it:
1. Bought fuel efficient cars for government employees.
2. Invested in train development for the most congested traffic corridor in the country (Southern California)
3. Spent money to maintain the monitoring of Volcanos that are active in the United States.
Which party had more foresight? I guess they were right about the last one though Volcanos dont matter right? Just so we are clear: Republicans oppose support for fuel efficient cars, public transportation, and making sure that we are prepared if one of our volcanoes erupts so that we dont lose 200 millions dollars a day like European airlines did. Got it.
The video of Jindal's Speech

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