07/16/2012 02:07 pm ET | Updated Sep 15, 2012

Preparing for My First Olympic Games

I'm Jake Kaminski, an Archer representing the USA for the first time at the Olympic level. I grew up in Elma, New York and returned there this past week for a number of things.

My first reason for going home was to visit family and friends before heading off to the Olympic Games in London, but I also wanted to show my support to the same people who helped me get my start in archery when I was young. Over the years I have signed several different companies as sponsors to help support me in archery, everything from bows to the accessories and tools used to set them up. As time goes on things become dated or worn out for an elite level archer but is fresh and new to the up and comers of the sport. So I decided to donate all of the equipment I have accumulated over the years since I began shooting totaling about $18,000 in both brand new and used equipment. I gave it to my home town club LEO's JOAD which is now based out of the West Falls Conservation Society in West Falls, New York. They have a few people there that can definitely benefit from the use of this equipment and I hope they can put it to good use.

At the same time all of this was going on I had a production crew following me around to film my Start Story for Team Kellogg's, which I just partnered with along side eight other athletes. My story is currently being produced and should be available very soon on their website where they highlight the start of each athlete in life and in sport. Their Olympic Campaign is "From Great Starts Come Great Things" and I fully believe this as I got a great start from my hometown and am hoping for great results in London. I am very, very excited to see the end result because they have a solid two days of filming to weed through and get about a two and a half-minute segment put together. Our sport has been growing at a rapid rate here lately thanks to all the publicity we have been getting from all of the recent movies that are being released featuring archery. Partnering with Kellogg's shows me that we really are becoming more of a main stream sport that everyone is starting to notice.

Another thing that happened in Buffalo was the official proclamation of "Jake Kaminski Day" on July 6 in my hometown. This was very unexpected I didn't even really think that making an Olympic Team would have an impact on a small town let alone have my very own day named after me. There was tons of support from lots of people in the area including important political figures of the area.

After we had quite the crazy day in Buffalo, my wife Amanda and myself were flown by Kellogg's to New York City for the first time in both of our lives. I lived in New York State for a long time but never went to NYC. I went through an extremely helpful media training the day we arrived which prepped me for the media rigors of the next two days. I did a total of 10 interviews, two were live video interviews on nationally broadcast shows, four were for live national radio interviews, two were for large newspapers and one was a live chat on an online forum. I was exhausted to say the least after the media days and was very excited to finally head home to San Diego to get in some real quality training days heading into London.

I arrived back home on the night of the 10th and began training right away the next morning, we only have a couple of days before leaving Monday July 16th for London and start competing the 27th before opening ceremonies. I will be doing weekly blog posts so please swing back by to check out my weekly updates about my first Olympic experience in London 2012. For more frequently updates check out my Twitter @jakekaminski and my like my Facebook fan page.