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Dear 2008 Congressional Candidates And Their Donors

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Please read this carefully.

You will not hear this from your consultants - it's about how you SAVE money on television spending and not on how to waste it.

Always remember that your consultants get paid more the more you spend. (Better yet, flat rate them like the Republicans do.) So if you spend $100,000 they get $10,000 but spend a few million, see how this works?

Every major broadcast advertiser buys television better and smarter than the average campaign. This post explains how to use cable and how in 2006, it could have gotten a candidate twice the points and saved $52,000 a week. (The less you spend, the less you have to raise, don't forget that little side benefit.)

So over six to eight weeks, you're talking twice the points, hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

PS there's something called RADIO advertising too, might want to try that as well.

Here's the post - courtesy of MYDD.