06/09/2010 12:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Great Britain Gives Respect To Women -- Bars Chris Brown From Entering

Here in the United States, we seem to have a very hard time telling right from wrong. For example, when I wrote about the tragic death of Yeardley Love and how our culture is willing to forgive unforgivable offenses, such as Roman Polanski pleading guilty to sexual acts with a 13 year old-girl when he was 44 years old, some of the reader's comments on the Huffington Post said it all.

"(LA Law enforcement) have wanted to steal Polanski's fame, good name and his money, and his freedom all for a casual sexual encounter for which he was NOT entirely responsible."

Uh-huh. Or even more outrageous. The man who has allegedly confessed to killing Yeardley Love (beat her head against the wall, left her to die) well, let's see what some of the readers of the Huffington Post have to say about George.

"The comments have been overwhelmingly negative towards George Hugeley."

Also for those who read the original post, I had to change the part about Jackson Browne because well, he wasn't convicted for actually beating Daryl Hannah, but this is what her uncle wrote when he saw her in the hospital:

I was with her in the hospital, I saw the ugly black bruises on her eye and chin and on her ribs. The examining doctor reported she had blood in her urine. The doctor was shocked by the severity and noted Daryl as a badly battered woman. I photographed her at the hospital.

So it's fair to say I was shocked and disappointed by these reactions, and I believe that these reactions show my point exactly, and while I was disheartened, well, the good people of Great Britain have stood up for what is right.

Chris Brown has been barred from entering, and thus performing, in the U.K. because of the Rhianna beating.

So while some people think it's okay to beat your girlfriend to a pulp, at least law enforcement in the U.K. disagrees.

It's not surprising that at where we are asking people to pledge to respect their fellow human beings, a lot of folks from the U.K. are signing up -- you can too.

Sorry Chris, guess you'll have to find a country that welcomes domestic violence offenders so you can go do some more shows. Tough luck old chap.