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John Kerry Stands Up

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John Kerry just added the -er to filibust and is rallying Senators to stop Samuel Alito. And before you say, "where was this sort of leadership in 2004?" or "is it too little too late?" make sure you understand the importance of this action.

There is shockingly little support in the United States Senate among Democrats, distressingly little. In fact, even twenty four hours ago, it truly appeared that no one was going to stand up.

But John Kerry did. For two reasons. One he truly believes in a women's right to choose and the importance of Roe v Wade as established law in the United States of America. And second, he has personally become more aware of the online community and of their passion on this issue over the past two weeks. Seeing that passion, and understanding that all of the progressive websites and their readers need someone to stand with them in Washington, John Kerry stood up.

He is doing what Peter Daou and I have been advocating for a year. John Kerry is beginning to bring the traditional Democratic leadership in Washington together with the untraditional netroots activists of the country. A man often accused of being the ultimate Washington insider looked outside of the beltway and saw the concern, in fact, the distress among literally millions of online Democrats. Any one of our Senators could have stood up. But as others triangulated, fabricated, postulated and capitulated, there was only one who decide he had had enough.

Will we win? I'm not sure. But I once was on a pretty bad freshman basketball team in high school. We used to lose and lose big. But we always showed up. We always played hard. Because we knew something that a bunch of other Senators in DC don't seem to know, you might not always win if you stand up and fight. But you are guaranteed to lose if you don't.

John Kerry just answered the bell. Now it's our turn

(To show your support, visit and/or call or email your Senator.)