Senator Reid And Speaker Pelosi: If You Believe In What You Passed, Send It Back

05/01/2007 03:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

All of this post-veto strategy talk is giving me angst, for a couple of simple reasons. The first is that I worry the Democratic Leadership in Washington thinks they somehow have proven a point, or made a valid argument and won some sort of squabble with the White House.

The American people don't pay that close attention and it's hogwash to think we are going to win the press battle on this with a single shot, so I have a simple solution (and one advocated I might add by John Edwards.)

Send the bill back.

If he vetoes it again, send it back again. About the fourth or fifth time, folks will start catching on that President Bush is the one who is stopping the money from getting to the troops not the Democrats.

People will get that President Bush doesn't want to commit to an end to the war.

But trust me, one veto is not enough. And what I worry about is that the Democrats are going to say stuff, like we need to compromise,

we don't.

Democrats will say we need to reach across the aisle,

we don't.

Right is right, wrong is wrong and we are right. You don't have to compromise, adjust, or do anything, you just need the simplicity of your convictions.

Send it back with a clear message:

Sign it or veto it again,

we win.