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Swinging With Saddam: The Weirder Just Got A Touch More Bizarre

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Excuse number forty three on why we went to war was to get rid of that evil despot Saddam Hussein who as an American ally gassed his own people and committed terrible crimes against humanity like torturing people and lynching them on Muslim holy days.

I have it on good authority he's dead.

Frankly, I expected the troops to be home by now.

Furthermore, I think it's just fine we strung him up. I think it's fine it was quick. If they had read the verdict and taken him straight to the gallows, fine with me. Better yet, read the verdict - pop him right there in the courtroom - instant executions just might cut down on Baghdad street crime.

However, I am a little confused by the administration's reaction to him swinging.

It's kind of like when a kid goes fishing but then actually catches one, they freak out and get all wiggly and nervous. Bush / Cheney etc really are nothing more than school yard bullies - "hey, we got that bastard Saddam, swing him at dawn, yeah, hang him high." They then high five each other and giggle. But wait - you mean he's actually going to die? Without a hood? On TV? Oh yes.

What exactly did you think was going to happen when you sentenced him to death? He was going to retire to Tikrit?

It gets better. Not only are they all freaked he actually died, they're pouting about how it happened. Some genius was actually worried that the hasty hanging would undermine the legality of the execution.

I saw tonight on the news that the hanging was 'rushed' and 'against the wishes of American Ambassador" - huh? He was guilty as hell - did anyone think he was going to get out on bail? Or be cut free in an appeal?

Then I read that we asked for a two week delay - no go.

I got to thinking. We have over 140,000 troops over there, and we have to ask for a two week delay? And then when we don't get it, we hand Saddam over and pout? What in the hell is going on over there? Who's in charge? Obviously not us.

Are you seriously telling me that after 3,000 lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, we don't have the juice to pick the day of the lynching? And our "bring it on administration" is mad someone had cell phones and taunted poor Saddam before he went to hell? Did Saddam get to wear his favorite jacket and carry his blankie? WTF.

Now, we're playing the fair and balanced occupier.

We're "encouraged" Maliki is having an investigation about how the cell phones got in there. I'm voting for carried 'by a person.'

We're "pleased" Maliki is investigating why Saddam was taunted. When you hang evil bastards in the middle of a civil war, taunting happens.

I got so frustrated - I came to a simple conclusion - we should just leave.

We got our dance with Saddam. It's time to go.

Let them figure out who broke the cell phone policy.