12/07/2007 09:42 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Media Screws Up Iraq, Again, And The Launch Of The Iraq NewsLadder

I've run out of fingers to count how many times the corporate media has fallen for White House spins on Iraq. They've been AWOL from the start, failing to provide the truth about WMD's, hyping 'Mission Accomplished' and now, absolutely dropping the ball on the success of the surge.

One of the big stories recently has been the returning refugees and hat's off to Jared Polis, for not only going to Iraq but also for writing a great post on the refugee situation and what the truth is.

In his post on called "American Media Bias On Iraq" Jared notes:

Here is a small case study that shows the example of media bias; three extremely different press perspectives on the exact same story from a news cycle last week.

From the Nov. 27th news cycle, one of the main stories from the middle east was that Iraqi refugees were returning en masse from Syria. The Iraqi government chartered buses and invited media to see off the over 800 refugees returning to Iraq.

The official Iraqi government line, that the refugees were returning because it is "safer" in Iraq, was heavily if not exclusively featured in the mainstream American media. The fact that most of the Iraqis were returning because their visas were expiring or they were running out of money was not even mentioned.

To make his point, Jared refers to media sources outside of the United States, who seem able to report the truth, and call a rose a rose with far greater accuracy than those here in the United States are able to do.

This is something that we have seen time and time again since we started our NewsLadders. With Burma right now, virtually all the stories linked to the ladder are from overseas media sources. In fact, the Burma NewsLadder is humming along, with stories and visitors from all across the country and all over the world - and with virtually zero US media interest.

We now are launching a NewsLadder for Iraq with Robert Harding helping me as lead editor. While there are some great domestic stories up there, you will also see that there are an increasing number of stories from around the world; stories that give you a perspective you might not get any other way.

And like all the NewsLadders, the Iraq NewsLadder is democracy in action. Anyone can sign up, anyone can put a link up from anywhere, anyone can vote something up or down -- which means that the top story just might be the truth about what is happening in Iraq, and not more White House spin.