The Obama Factor

05/25/2011 11:55 am ET
  • James Boyce Senior Advisor, John Kerry's Presidential Campaign, (RED) Digital Strategist, Founder CommonSense.Agency

Today's Washington Post adds more fuel to the fire about a possible 08 Barack Obama Presidential Run. His true chances are best viewed through the prism of the two political worlds that exist today - aided by an understanding of the modern political strategy of personal destruction - a strategy that turns something as honorable as John Kerry or Jack Murtha's Vietnam service into a liability through distortion and lies.

The Legacy World, inhabited by the ghosts of politics past, dismisses Obama as the new guy in town, "he hasn't done anything yet," they claim, no experience, no "record" to run on. The real world, of course, looks at these same supposed negatives and sees them in a far more positive light. Only those whose vision extends barely to the Beltway in Washington could possibly believe that endless hours spent haggling in Committee Meetings or learning how to speak "Senate-speak" is time well spent. Even those who are tremendous supporters of men such as John Kerry or Joe Biden would be hard-pressed to argue that each man's time in the Senate has helped their ability to clearly and concisely communcate.

Republicans seem to be more willing to give candidates with lighter credentials a more serious look. Ronald Reagan and George Bush are each two term Presidents. Barack's resume and personal history looks positively Lincoln-esque compared to those two men's when they launched their campaigns. Barack has never, as far as I know, co-starred with a chimp, or run an oil business into the ground.

So what about Obama? Besides his lack of 'experience' what are the other negatives? Well, that's the problem for the other 08 camps, there really aren't any. And as we have seen with John Edwards, a one term Senator, and Howard Dean, a former Governor of one of our smaller states, maybe the voters are more willing to give someone from the real world a real chance.

A good friend of mine and former Clinton White House official, and Hillary supporter, calls the current field, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Maybe there's another chapter about to be added to the story - and this one just might have a happy ending for the Democrats.