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When Half Your Country Is About To Starve To Death

Here in the United States, we are watching our economy unravel, but no matter the incompetency of the current administration, or the questionable policies of the incoming one, there is no chance that in our lifetime we will see the headline, "175 Million Americans Face Starvation."

Right now, in Zimbabwe, a political and humanitarian tragedy, half the country is facing starvation. Not hunger, or shortage, but pure starvation.

I read one story about how people were eating the roots of trees to survive, but when so many are doing that, of course, even the roots of trees are hard to come by.

Twenty years ago, I studied in Zimbabwe as an exchange student from Duke. It was a beautiful, wonderful, vibrant country that appeared to be on the path to recovery after its civil war. Today, the policies of Robert Mugabe have destroyed the country and its rich agricultural heritage. I could go on forever about the carnage but today, it's about the children.

I have found two programs that are helping children right now in Zimbabwe.

One is run by my friends at Global Giving -- it is a great program focusing on girls that need food and assistance, you can learn more here.

The other is from Save The Children UK. Here is a quick video of what they are doing.

They estimate the immediate need at five million pounds -- an enormous amount given our times, but we can all help.

To learn more about Zimbabwe and what has happened, here are some sites.

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