05/14/2010 09:30 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You Talked the Talk. Now Let's Walk the Walk.

As BP pumps thousands of barrels of toxic oil into the Gulf of Mexico every day, the threat our dependence on fossil fuels holds should be clearer now than ever before. In the wake of this great tragedy, individual senators have the tremendous opportunity to break the gridlock, and step up to pass a comprehensive clean energy and climate policy. In particular, there are a few Senators who have a record of talking the talk on this issue, and the time has come for them to walk the walk.

Senator LeMieux (FL), remember when you said:

"There might have been a time where the jury was out [on climate change], but the jury is in now, and we know this is an issue. We can't afford to ignore it and be wrong."

How many more catastrophes must you live through before you follow your own advice? Now is the time to stand up for your state and ensure that the land they call home will not be threatened by offshore drilling.

Senator Pryor (AL), what happened to the promises you made?

"As part of [the effort to move our country toward energy independence], I believe that we must move beyond oil, gas, and coal and focus on cleaner alternatives and new sources of energy, including renewable fuels. Arkansas, in particular, is rich in bio diesel resources...As your Senator I will fight to help Arkansas become a leader in the new energy economy."

Now is the time to get in the game. Arkansas is counting on you to do everything in your power to pass a clean energy bill that provides more jobs, brings greater national security, and guarantees a healthier environment.

Senator Voinovich (OH), you should be helping make climate an issue at the top of Congress's list. After all, you said so yourself:

"Climate change, and how our nation addresses it, is of incredible importance."

This is your chance to address our dependence on fossil fuels and climate change and protect your state of Ohio by announcing your support for comprehensive clean energy legislation.

Senator Lugar (IN), do you recall the pledge you made?

"Scientists are saying that climate change could cause human displacement, spark wars around the globe and completely disrupt international trade...We do have an obligation to our children, our grandchildren, the earth to think about these things."

And Senator Gregg (NH), don't you understand these stakes as well? You said:

"we have a responsibility to take care of our planet for future generations, and climate change legislation will help stem the environmental impacts of global warming and will spur development of new technologies that bolster our energy independence."

Senators, we know you understand what we stand to lose, you all made it clear that inaction is no longer an option. Now is the moment to stand up and lead your colleagues to protect our generations to come.

Let us not forget that actions always speak louder than words. Senators, now is the time to stand up and declare your support in passing clean energy and climate legislation. We know you get it, so now you must lead the way; your constituents, your state, and your country are depending on you.