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James D. White
James D. White joined Jamba Juice in 2008 and is currently Chairman, President and CEO. Previously he held executive positions at several Blue Chip Fortune 500 Companies; Safeway Stores, The Gillette Company, Nestle-Purina and the Coca-Cola Company.

Mr. White currently serves as Board Chairman of Jamba, Inc., is a Director at Daymon Worldwide, Inc. and previously at Keane, Inc. He also serves on the advisory board of The National Parent Teacher Association and formerly a member of the Organic Center Board of Directors.

Blog Entries by James D. White

Fun: The Antidote to Childhood Obesity

Posted October 31, 2011 | 05:48 PM (EST)

There's a strong message coming out of the White House these days that has nothing to do with the economy and never mentions political parties. It's Michelle Obama's frontal assault on childhood obesity.

We here at Jamba Juice are delighted to be a supporter of the First Lady in...

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