06/27/2007 05:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Actually, Ann Coulter is Nothing But a Lamb in Wolf's Clothing

OK. I can understand why Elizabeth Edwards might be rattled to hear Ann Coulter call John a fag, sneer at the death of his son, and say that she wished he had been killed by terrorists. But asking Ms. Coulter to stop making personal attacks is like begging a tigress to stop chewing on your face. She'll just go on chewing -- and relishing every bite.

Nevertheless, Ann Coulter isn't a tigress, nor even a wolf. She's nothing but a lamb.

Would a real wolf stop at wishing only that John Edwards had been killed by terrorists? Don't be ridiculous. Consider the following questions.

1. Since Ann Coulter now believes that George Bush has betrayed conservatism by advocating amnesty (thinly disguised as a "path to citizenship") for twelve million illegal immigrants, why hasn't she called for a fatwa on George Bush? And while she's at it, why isn't she calling for a terrorist plot to wipe out the entire Democratic party? Doesn't she realize that the death of Edwards would leave all the other Democratic candidates standing, including Hillary and Barack? What is this little lamb afraid of?

2. Since she clearly believes that illegal immigrants have no right to stay in this country, overload our schools, exhaust our social services, and drain our hard-earned tax dollars, why isn't she calling for their wholesale extermination? Much cheaper than building fences, or prodding them along the "path to citizenship," or shipping them home. But do you think our little lamb would ever bleat such a thought?

3. Since she told Chris Mathews (only yesterday) that she believes Franklin D. Roosevelt's social programs were a complete disaster, why hasn't she launched a war against Medicare and Social Security? Why isn't she herself running on a pledge to end them once and for all? Where are this woman's guts?