College Republicans: Huge Nerds? (VIDEO)

01/14/2011 12:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • James Kotecki Manager of Media and Public Relations, Automated Insights

My wife and I have a daily two-minute talk show, and in our latest episode (posted below) she accused me of stereotyping.

My claim: College Republicans are nerds.

Mine is a sociological observation, not a criticism. I'm a huge political nerd myself; I was interviewing Ron Paul in my dorm room when I should have been going to keggers.

In fact, I think College Republicans, and all nerds, should embrace their off-beat identities. Be true to your passions -- it makes life a lot better.

But on a sociological level, I am curious: are there actually College Republicans who aren't dorks? Any lead guitarists leading voter registration drives? Any quarterbacks or cheerleaders canvassing campus for a smaller government?

I know they've got a lot of budding Karl Roves, but do they have any George W. Bushes?

Let me know if you find any.