YouTube Review: Tim Pawlenty "A New Direction" (VIDEO)

05/10/2011 11:05 pm ET | Updated Jul 10, 2011

Below is my video review and analysis of Tim Pawlenty's strange Inception-meets-Independence-Day campaign ad. You can watch the original here.

Summary points:

1) This paranoia-fueled nightmare barrage is totally inconsistent with Tim Pawlenty's image as a friendly, moderate, happy politician. I'm not sure if this video wants me to vote for Pawlenty or lock myself in an underground bunker.

2) Tim Pawlenty's other videos are nothing like this one -- they're filled with hard-scrabble optimism and soft-focus Americana. Maybe someone in the campaign realized how totally inauthentic and stupid this video was and got Pawlenty back on the sunny track.

3) Pawlenty's announcement video really does look at a lot like the Chrysler's Superbowl commercial about Detroit with Eminem.