32 year old court appearances?

10/14/2006 09:53 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On some of the many Talking Point Memo (TPM) sites, there is what looks like an extensive effort to find out what if anything Senator Allen might have been in court for in 1974 -- 32 years ago. Neither Gregg Sargent nor Josh Marshall know what this might involve: "An arrest? An unpaid parking ticket?" Fishing without a license?

Apparently there is almost no limit to what can be raised in a campaign. Ok, if someone finds out that Allen did something truly horrible and relevant 32 years ago, maybe they should consider publishing something about it. But to raise attention to the fact that Allen might have done something 32 years ago, when he was just just 22 years old?

No wonder we have such a dearth of interesting political leaders. Who would want to deal with this type of scrutiny of their lives? People who forgot to have a life? People who spent their entire lives preparing to enter politics? Maybe we can rethink what constitutes real muckraking, and what type of things people should have the restaint to ignore.