11/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McCain/Palin Appeals to Prejudice, Fear and Anti-Intellectualism are Making it Close

There are a rash of polls showing a close race nationally and in states like Virginia and Colorado, with Pennsylvania narrowing. One has to wonder if the McCain/Palin relentless innuendos about Obama are beginning to pay off. This is quite depressing.

Officially Obama's campaign people have been declared geniuses, but one has to wonder if they have been tough enough in pushing back on the massive hypocrisy and gutter politics of the McCain/Palin camp.

I for one would welcome some more pointed attacks on McCain for pillaring Obama for merely having talked to or known people who are Muslims or who have non-mainstream views, and something more personal toward Pallin on the socialism charges, given how close to the trough she has been.

I watched McCain have a long interview on Larry King last night that was basically an endless string of cowardly insinuations by McCain over things that have no relevance or evidence, and that are pretty much designed to appeal to prejudice and ignorance. When he wasn't doing that he was making absurd comments about how he'll balance the budget by "growing" the economy, with zero details or explanation as to how.

The Palin/McCain camps have so completely played the press guilt about their personal views in favor of Obama, they can now say just about anything without paying a price.

The only Obama ad I have seen mentioning Palin is the one with the wink, and she actually looks cute and likeable. She's kicking Obama in the ass right now, with idiotic first level appeals to rednecks. I would not underestimate the impact of these attacks, which are not being very strongly addressed. I would welcome more open challenges to the un-American notion that politicians shouldn't talk to people with diverse views and backgrounds, and emphasize that she is basically an ignorant uneducated rube, and the world is complex place with some tough competition and we can't afford a third rate mind at the helm. Don't be ashamed of being smart and well educated. We have suffered plenty from the other kind already.