CRASH -- Lost It All in a Computer Crash But, Hey, Who Cares?

06/12/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

I have to admit here and now that, in spite of having a business partner who is a tech genius (see for yourself at that I managed to crash the hard disk of my nearly new laptop and lose EVERYTHING!

The irony of it all was that this happened pretty much in the middle of a healthy spring cleaning which in our household is part of getting ready for Passover. We actually do sort for every bit of crumb and dust and it is a tougher project yet when you consider that my wife is a professional organizer (see for yourself at When she cleans, it is like a spiritual experience and it leave you lighter -- but really, really wiped out!

I thought about the "message" I was receiving when everything I was working on or have published in the last year went to the ether world and I actually felt relieved. I had too much stuff, too many projects and too many things I'd get to when I got to them. It actually felt good to wipe the slate clean so, even though the local Geeks say they might recover the info for about the price of a new computer, I've decided to build myself up from scratch.

It's taking a bit of time and I've fallen behind but it is a chance for me to clear the decks, reinvest in my own personal time and space and clear some brain clutter too. If it's REALLY important, I'll find a way to get it, if not, c'est la vie.

So while I recover from the shame of having downloaded a password protector but never having taken the time to use it and the added shame of encouraging my wife to buy an external back up and not using one available to me online, I'm way behind in posting here at Huffington Post.

Please accept this simple three minute virtual coaching session as a substitute for my absence and distraction and I promise to be back in fine 'fettle' next week.

All the best to you!