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James Napoli

James Napoli


Top Ten Signs Your Country Has Become a Democracy

Posted: 03/11/11 03:22 PM ET


There is a lot of unrest in the world right now, and it seems there are forces that may be pushing some long-established dictatorships toward change. Therefore, it could perhaps be helpful to provide some sort of barometer for those who might, in the future, be experiencing democracy for the first time. A handy guidebook, if you will, to some of the more common characteristics of the democratic society; so that the transitional period from one form of government to the other can be more effectively finessed for the average citizen. It is in this spirit that the following list is offered.

Your Leaders Become Much More Creative Liars
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Once it's clear that nobody is going to stand for the my-way-or-the-highway tactics of an autocrat, you will notice that the top dogs in a democracy come out with some mind-bending insults to your intelligence that nobody but you seems to notice. This is normal. Just put up with it and do your job (which we guarantee will earn you a fair wage).
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