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Finding Balance Today: Simple Steps to the Perfect Harmony

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The essence of health is balance - finding a balance between mind and body, your work life and your home life, or nutrition and exercise. With today's woman juggling demands in the boardroom and the home, finding and maintaining a balanced mind and body is increasingly difficult. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take today to bring your body and your mind back into equilibrium, even with a hectic schedule.

Be proactive about what you eat
Many people leave their nutrition plan at home when they go to work, and some forget to eat altogether. It seems like a simple solution, but it's one people forget all too often - what you eat on a daily basis determines how well you'll perform at work, at home, or at the gym. The right foods can help your mind and body get off the daily rollercoaster ride, and return balance to your daily routine.

Thankfully, there are countless options for helping you stay on tracker, even on the go, like mix1's Enhanced Protein Shake or Hi-Antioxidant Fiber Drinks, both of which are made with the highest quality functional ingredients and the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide sustained energy throughout the day. If you find you're simply too busy to pull together healthy meals every day, here are some tips for how you can stay on track with what you eat even when on-the-go or at work:

• Do your best to pair carbs with a protein to keep your blood sugar levels steady, strong, and better equipped to keep sugar cravings at bay.
• Pre-pack your snacks so you're less inclined to reach for unhealthy options. Choose foods like blueberries, broccoli, yogurt and almonds. If you have everything ready to go, you'll be less likely to use your busy schedule as an excuse.
• Plan for the week ahead. Decide what meals you'll eat for the week, and make sure you stick to your plan. This allows you to make healthy choices ahead of time so you're not pressured to eat out in the middle of the week.

Eat more
Unfortunately, many diet fads tell us that eating more is bad for us. They are wrong. Eating the right foods every two, to two and a half hours actually increases your metabolism and can help you lose unwanted weight. Eating small, frequent meals helps keep your brain, skin and heart young. If you can't figure out how to squeeze more meals into your day, here are a few easy, convenient foods you can eat more of without changing your schedule. Prepare snacks that are about 200 calories each, with 5 grams of protein and fiber. Things like:

• 1 ounce of baked tortilla chips with a quarter cup of fat-free refried beans and salsa
• A pear with a low-fat cheese
• A handful of almonds with a couple dried apricots

Have a short-term memory
Now is arguably one of the most stressful times of the last century due to the continuing recession with no clear end in sight yet. Work days may be longer for some, while others are putting in long days trying to find work. With so much stress in our lives, it's important to have a short-term memory. Try not to carry your daily stresses home with you. Here are a few ways you can make sure you put book-ends on your day and allow yourself some stress-free rejuvenation time:

• Shut down when the sun goes down, turn off your computer, TV, etc. You will see a profound shift in healthier sleep patterns, lower stress and an increase in overall bliss-this is a trust walk and can be both scary and enlightening-enjoy!
• Create a "lose list." Prune your schedule back and give yourself permission to be alright with not getting it all done and be sure to finish only what is essential instead.
• Celebrate your micro-victories and don't postpone your joy. Balance is dynamic and you can help yourself reestablish balance on the fly by celebrating the little wins that happen throughout the day. Land a new account at work? Take the time to congratulate yourself before getting back to business.

Treat your body as an athlete would
Our bodies can't actually tell the difference between workouts, whether you're participating in a triathlon, a Yoga class or running all over town on errands. If you are exercising (and you should be) your body needs replenishment and a recovery period. Even if your workout consists of walking your dog or playing in the park with your kids, you should treat your body as an athlete would. This means fuel up correctly and make sure you replenish your energy post-workout. To make sure your body is getting what it needs to perform at its best, you should:

• Feed yourself real food. Don't exist off of protein bars and energy drinks alone. Eat fruits, vegetables, carbs and protein.
• Stop thinking exercise is the end of your workout. Recover from all workouts with a healthy drink mix of carbs, protein and fiber. This allows your body to replenish its own energy reserves, and makes your workout much more effective.
• Know what you're consuming. Look for premium ingredients in your workout drinks and bars like Whey Protein Isolate and Organic Cane Sugar. Steer clear of mixed proteins and processed sugars.

Creating and maintaining balance in our lives doesn't require a whole lot. There are simple things we can all do to make sure we get and stay on the right track starting now. Our hectic schedules will probably never settle down, but we can take steps to make sure we maintain that balance and hold onto the essence of healthy living.

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