Campaigners Have Heavy Presence at Philly Polls

12/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Campaigners for both political parties are not lagging around with their vote, and they are making sure that you don't either with tables and chairs located closely to polling places, especially in Philadelphia - the paramount of Pennsylvania.

"We have been volunteering since the primaries," Fairley Baker, a Philadelphia native said. "We just need to have a presence out here. It's a unifying thing."

Baker, along with another volunteer Ellen Kaye, setup shop right outside of the Borders Books and Music on Broad and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia - they are far from worried about Obama - these supporters are sure that their candidate will win by a landslide.

With leading newspaper endorsements, and poll numbers in favor of Illinois Senator Barack Obama, the race in Philadelphia seems clear, but volunteers for both parties are still making sure that the citizens of Pennsylvania get out and vote.

Thus far, the Philadelphia area has received numerous reports from polling places - with intimidation being the main report.

Men wearing Black Panther apparel, were allegedly intimidating voters by standing outside of a polling location in Philadelphia on 12th and Fairmount Street carrying sticks. Police escorted one man off of the premises. Later another man dressed in the same way, came to the same polling place. When he was approached by police, he is reported as saying that he was a registered observer.

At an appearance made by Mayor Michael Nutter he said of Obama, "He is the first African American literally on the verge of being the president of the United States."

When asked about the Black Panther incident, he told Fox 29 News, "No voters have been denied the right to vote. Unless they break the law or do anything, they have the right to stand there. We don't need anyone trying to trump up anything," said Mayor Nutter.

Pennsylvania voters are still heading to the polls and will be able to do so until 8 p.m.