08/05/2005 03:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bush's FCC Shuts Down Internet Access

If your high speed Internet provider is not your phone company, you may be unplugged very soon.

On Friday the Federal Communications Commission reversed course and deregulated high speed Internet service. The FCC gave telephone companies the right to stop other Internet service providers, like Earthlink, from using their lines.

For years the baby bells raged against "forced access" AKA consumer choice. Until today the FCC balked. It's a brilliant political strategy on Bush's part. Just as Rove and the White House are outed on their lies, why not wipe out Internet access for tens of millions of curious Americans? The Evening News will tell them eveything they need to know.

The FCC's reasoning is that DSL is an information service not a telecommunication service subject to regulation. Tell that to millions of Americans who could be booted off line if they don't want to pay their telephone company's price.