06/14/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why Won't GOP Senators Even Debate Climate Change?

Shame on the Republican United States senators who refused to let climate change be debated today. An end-of-the week filibuster has finished Senator Boxer's bill over how to deal with global warming and climate issues.

The irony is that the legislation was more of a compromise than scientists, experts and consumer advocates thought was advisable. The "cap and trade" model, which allows companies to trade carbon dioxide credits to get overall levels lowered, was the brain child of free market ideologists and business men. Those who aggressively want to tackle global warming understand that regulation of the energy supply and carbon taxes are the way to deal with a problem that literally will overtake the earth. Nonetheless Republicans in the Senate treated this bill like it was a far more ambitious one. Goes to show, I guess, that you might as well go for broke when legislating change. Your enemies will use the same tactics and arguments anyway.

The real referendum on America's energy future will be this year's presidential election. The debate needs to heat up. In his book The Audacity of Hope, Senator Obama expounds on the virtues of regulation, but he has yet to serve up a an adequate plan for regulating Americans' gasoline supply. A supply side economics to keep supply and demand in concert. Senator McCain has professed a need for greater accountability in certain markets too, yet he has articulated even less of vision for our energy future. Both have come out in favor of stemming the tide of global warming, but the details of how to break our energy dependence needs to be front and center in the presidential debates now that the conversation has been stopped in the US Senate. And the vision needs to be far more ambitious than "Cap and